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Who We Are

PPC Power’s head office is based in Vancouver, Canada. Our programming and development office is located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Each member of the PPC Power team has been hand-picked based on their experience in the online advertising industry and their desire to change the direction the industry is headed.

The Early Days

PPC Power has been powering one of the world's top pay per click advertising networks since 2006. In the early days we were contracted by the world’s leading advertising networks to design and develop advanced features and functionality for their networks.

The PPC Power Platform

Over time, our team of talented programmers took on a slightly more ambitious project. We set out to build the PPC Power Publisher Platform and make it the world’s most advanced white label publishing platform.

We took on this challenge because the other white label platforms on the market didn’t (and still don’t) even come close to offering the same capabilities large ad networks have. PPC Power has everything the big networks have plus a few features even the biggest networks haven’t thought of yet.

Today, the platform continues to grow and expand. We work around the clock to keep our white label partners ahead of the online advertising industry. As you read this, our team is working on increasing the capacity and volume of business our partners can generate. We are also excited about the new pay per click advertiser bidding engine platform launching in early 2014. Your growth helps us all earn more money together.